E4000 Laboratory Glassware Washer
This washer is designed for cleaning laboratory vessels, such as volumetric flasks, Erlenmeyer flasks, blue cap reagent bottles, pipettes, and absorption tubes. It includes the functions of cleaning, pure water rinsing, and drying, helping laboratories complete cleaning tasks swiftly.
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  • 1Enhance cleansing effect
  • 2 Save labor cost
  • 3Protect personnel’s health
  • The requirements for the cleanliness of glassware is stricter and stricter.
  • How to enhance cleansing effect?
  • How to save labor cost?
  • How to protect personnel’s health?
E4000 Stier E4000 Laboratory Glassware Washer As research becomes more and more accurate, the requirements for the cleanliness of glassware is stricter and stricter. Once the glassware cannot be cleaned, it may lead to a series of failed experimental results, which will result in a waste of time and manpower. In addition, traditional manual washing is difficult to control the washing effect and requires too much labor involved.
Stier E4000 Laboratory Glassware Washer is such a specialized cleaning machine. With a new generation of back water supply structure, the washer has stronger cleaning power and larger cleaning capacity. It is able to overcome different cleaning challenges and meet the requirements of trace or ultra-trace analysis cleaning. At the same time, it saves a lot of water and consumables, helping the laboratory reduce operating costs. Capable of long-term and stable running without the fuss of frequent maintenance, the washer is a wonderful helper for scientists and researchers.
Back Water Supply Structure

New generation water supply structure Stronger cleaning power Larger cleaning capacity

Large Capacity

98 pipettes
128 volumetric flasks
448 autosampler vials

Excellent Cleaning

Meeting trace analysis requirements Intended for cleaning various vessels for HPLC, GC, ICP-MS, HPLC-MS, etc. Eliminating deviations caused by manual cleaning

Flexible Rack Combination

Two levels, each with two racks
Lego style assembly
Cleaning various types of items at the same time

Protection of Personal Health

Environmentally friendly cleaning agent Concealed cleaning, no risk of contact and inhalation

Customized Racks

Capable of holding various shaped bottles, such as absorbent bottles Customizable racks to meet different needs

Low Operating Cost

Water saving design
Fewer consumables
Cost saving every year

Eco Dry

No energy consumption
Done in minutes
Improving laboratory efficiency

Short Time

Complete in 40 minutes
Short time means more cleaning each day, facilitating laboratory operations

5D Nondestructive Intelligent Cleaning

Optimized design of soft water, power, temperature, coverage, and drying Protecting glassware from scratches and damage

Customizable Cleaning

Professional support from Stier laboratory Customizable cleaning programs for special items

Model E4000
Dimensions Width600*Depth700*Height920mm
Chamber Dimensions Width542*Depth542*Height625mm
Volume 184L
Cleaning Programs 19
Electricity 380V/220V
Total Power <9kW
Heating Power 8kW
Cleaning Pump Power 0.66kW
Weight 130kg
Water Supply Cold water, hot water, or pure water
Connector Standard quick connector
Water Supply Pressure Requirements 0.04-1.00MPa
Arm Monitor Standard
HEPA Filter Optional
Conductivity Monitor Optional
Printer Optional
Record No:粤ICP备17019863号